Client Testimonials
The following are some unsolicited comments from our clients.

Thank you for making such beautiful bags that are also sustainable, fair trade and have a heart and a story attached to them. Also, thank you for all your hard work and for investing yourself in endeavors that are good for our global community.

Rebekah B. - N. Tea - ( Fair Trade Tea Company ) Custom printed and custom designed tradeshow bags used for sales promotion

They were really cool bags, very unique and very appropriate. We all love them. Christina M. - USFT ( A Non Profit Student Group ) Custom Printed Bags

Christina M. - USFT ( A Non Profit Student Group ) Custom Printed Bags

Raj,The bags look great - I'm much impressed with how perfect the gift bag wood handles are. Delivery and customer service is top knotch, too. Any chance you guys could also get into selling cellphones, office furniture, corrugated cardboard boxes and internet services, too? If half our vendors were as thorough and quality focused our jobs would be easier.

Tom W. - Equal Exchange ( Fairly Traded, Coffee, Chocolate and Snacks ) Gift bag Used for custom packaging.

The San Antonio Winery custom embossed tins do look great.

Cathy R - San Antonio Winery ( Tins sold in gift shop and used as a gift basket component and gift for patrons.

Great feedback on the chocolate tins! They love it.

Jackie T - Liberatore CPA ( Tins used as a client appreciation gift. )

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