Gourmet Raj specializes in Custom Private Label confectionery products. We can assist you in designing a Private Label program that meets your requirements. Please feel free to contact us for any product samples or pricing on any of our confectionery and other products.

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Are you looking for something hot, chewy and spicy? Our Takari chewy ginger candies are imported from the Indonesia and offer your tastebuds a tantalizing treat. Or perhaps you would prefer rich, luxurious 70% Belgian dark chocolate or smooth and creamy Crème Brulee white chocolate from The Chocolate Traveler or Reeds creystallized ginger candy.

We represent specialty confectionery, specialty food manufacturers, snack food companies and assist them in selling branded and custom / private label products to distributors, retailers, wholesalers, gift basket companies, gift shops and food service companies for domestic sales and international sales.

This Month's Featured Product - Tabasco spicy chocolates - (Finally Together)
Curious? A party pleaser and a conversation starter ... try our TABASCO® Brand Dark Spicy Chocolate Wedges and experience the surprise kick at the end! Tabasco brand spicy chocolates contains eight dark chocolate wedges, mixed with all natural Tabasco brand seasoning and presented in a gift tin to share with friends and family.

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